PAYMENT. Payment with order is required. Prices are in Australian Dollars. We will accept VISA, MASTERCARD and Pay-Pal providing total order is over A$15.00 Bank Cheques are to be in Australian Dollars. You may return any item to us within 14 days for any reason providing it is in the same condition as when received, if returning an item please pack carefully.

LAY-BY. We have a lay-by system of 25% Deposit and the balance over the following three Months, this service is free of charge.

WANT LISTS. Want lists are most welcome for those items that are a little hard to obtain or you just haven't seen it advertised in our listings, it may even be a common Banknote that you are after. There is no obligation to purchase.

ALTERNATIVES. Second choices are advisable, as some Banknotes are singles. Second choices are only used when necessary.

ORDERING. You are welcome to reserve your order by Phone, Fax or e-mail.

LISTINGS. We try to produce a listing every four to five weeks. Listings are sent free upon request, however if you don't order from one of three consecutive Listings you may not receive any more listings. If you only require the listings for a price guide we suggest you send $6.00 per year to cover postage, this will ensure you receive your copy. If you do purchase your money will be refunded.

CATALOGUES. We use Pick 14th Edition Volume 2, General Banknote issues "P#". 11th Edition Volume "1" for Specialised issues "PS#". Volume 3, 9th edition for later issues.

The #. The # after the denomination within our listings lets you know that the Banknote is new to our listings or has been restocked.

POSTAGE & PACKING. Orders A$100.00 and over are sent post free, orders under cost A$3.00 and are sent Registered mail. Orders outside Australia are A$10.00 and are sent registered airmail. We pack Banknotes between cardboard to prevent damage. All Banknotes are sent at BUYERS risk.

GRADING. We use the international grading standards as listed in Pick, with an extra Grade,

aU/UNC = which is a near perfect but with lightly damaged corner or small depression due to security thread.

UNC = Uncirculated. ...Perfectly preserved Banknote.

aUNC = About uncirculated. ...Virtually perfect note with tellers flick or centre fold, not both.

EF = Extremely fine. ...Very attractive note with light use - may have three folds.

VF = Very fine. ...Attractive note with more evidence of wear.

F = Fine. ...A note that shows considerable wear, many creases & folds.

VG = Very Good. ...Well used note, abused but still intact.

Good = Good. ...Well worn & heavily used note, no large pieces missing.

Fair = Fair. ...Totally limp, dirty and well over used note.

"a" in front of a grade means about or "g" in front of a grade means better than that grade ie:-

aEF = About Extremely Fine, gVF = Good very fine.

Below are a few of the abbreviations used in descriptions within our listings.

B = Back. Bldgs = Buildings. Blk = Black. Brn = Brown. C/Fold = Center Fold. Cnr = Corner. Comm = Commemorative. Ctr. = Center. Dk. = Dark. Gen. = General. Grn. = Green. Jim = Japanese invasion money. Kg. = King. L. = Left. Lt = Light. MC = Multi Color. MK = Mark. Mt. = Mountain. Org, = Orange. OVPT = Overprint. P/Ple = Purple. PH = Pin Hole. PH's = Pin holes. Qn. = Queen. R. = Right. Rev. = Reverse. SH = Staple Hole. Sm. = Small. UNPT = Under Print. W/ = With. WMK = Water Mark. # = Number.

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